Residents at a funeral said to be for the victims of the Homs attack. Photograph: Reuters

an estimated 3,000 syrian civilians have been killed by the syrian government since these two dumbasses vetoed the last UN resolution on syria back in october. over 200 were killed just yesterday. many, many more have been injured and tortured and forced to suffer at the hands of their government. why is russia so insistent on being faithful to syria? oil probably is not the answer. perhaps it is trying to hold onto some of the power/ties it gained during its quest to attain unipolar superpower status during the cold war? i’m not sure, but the fact is that, since that era, russia has been and remains syria’s largest overseas arms supplier. sales to syria make up 10% of the revenue russia brings in from arms sales. and, it has reportedly continued arms shipments in the past few weeks, which probably directly enabled the government to murder 250+ syrians yesterday. and what the hell, china? well, i’m not surprised. i don’t think anyone was expecting much from you in the first place.

this was a pivotal moment in the human rights crisis in syria—some major [baby] steps could have been taken to end the violence and put assad in his place if the resolution passed. and even that wouldn’t have changed the fact that once again, action would have been taken after thousands were murdered. but nope, opportunity was once again crushed.

.what do we do now?

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